Feature Film Scripts

– Filming in November, 2017 –

Dreams are doorways. Doorways to other realities. But where do they come from? What are they for? And, if you feel you must know, beware the Trickster. Jake Landor is on a journey of enlightenment to find his purpose in life. Unbeknownst to him, he will come across one of the great mysteries of the multiverse, be thrust into his hero’s journey, and have a chance to find true love in the bargain.

– Filming in 2018. –
A young Marine, Allan, returns home from Afghanistan a hero, only to find out the generation he left behind cares about little, stands for less, and is willing to fight for nothing. Searching for a life of meaning and purpose in the depressed and depleted typical American small town of ANYWHERE USA, Allan will have to battle with an unexpected tragedy and find justice for his best friend before he can find peace on his way down the road less traveled. Outta The Suck is a dystopian, cautionary tale of a future our country’s young people are hurdling toward at a suicidal rate if changes in attitudes and behaviors don’t begin to happen soon.

Jamie is currently seeking production partners to produce either of his feature film screenplays or TV Movie. All scripts are ready to shoot in the low to medium budget range. If you would like to read a script please contact Jamie here: Contact Jamie


Set in the days following the L.A. Riots of 1992, and led by an almost mythical urban hero named Griffin, a culturally diverse group of native Angelenos fight an unexpectedly viscous force in order to save those they love as we take an exciting and action packed journey through the gritty underbelly of Los Angeles.
On Wednesday, April 29th, 1992 both Los Angeles and the world changed forever as the L.A. Riots nearly burned the city to the ground. An almost mythical urban hero named, Griffin runs a numbers game, (or illegal lottery), staffed with a culturally diverse group that reflects L.A.. For Griffin, this is his only family. As racial tensions mount in the days following the riots, Griffin’s world is challenged by an almost invisible threat. For the millions of “L.A. Natives” who play the lottery, The Game provides a weekly dream of a better life. These are the people working in the shadows of the glitz and glamour L.A. is known for. Griffin must risk everything, including his life, to save the lottery and all those whom he loves. As the story unfolds, the viewer is taken on an incredible journey through the aftermath of one of the most historic events in history, seen through the eyes of the people who know the city best.


When societies rich and powerful go too far and cross the line into evil, The Brotherhood is there to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Their chosen tool: Death.
As the world moves ever faster toward permanent economic and social inequality the Brotherhood’s job becomes more and more crucial.   The Brotherhood is a group of modern day heroes with bloodlines dating back centuries. The leader of the group is Roland Mar. Roland and the group’s highest ranking female, Malachi, will be thrust into the most dangerous mission of their lives against a viciously corrupt, giant healthcare corporation that has infiltrated the F.D.A.. During the course of this mission, Malachi and Roland will be forced to come to terms with their hidden love for each other, while at the same time being faced with decisions that will shake the very foundations of their future and The Brotherhood itself.
ANGELS IN PARADISE – A One Hour TV Series Pilot
Blake Vaas controls a business empire throughout Los Angeles which includes black market art, gambling, political corruption and the most prestigious high-class escort service in the city, Angels In Paradise, or AIP. It is the diverse clients of AIP who allow Blake access to every corner of the upper echelons of the “City of Angels.” Blake’s reach stretches from celebrities to pro athletes, from businessmen to criminals, and from politicians to the billionaires who back them. However, for Blake, keeping some of the most beautiful, intelligent women in the world safe and under control is never an easy task, especially while dealing with the fact that all the women of AIP are in L.A. to chase their dreams. When dedicated LAPD and FBI agents combine forces and begin an intense investigation into his empire, Blake will be thrust into the most dangerous journey of his life while he fights to protect all those who rely on him.