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Jamie’s first feature length documentary, THE HARD ROAD  became a cult phenomenon playing to sold out audiences in film festivals and special screenings in more than 25 states and 10 different countries. His follow up film, PRO met with similar success, and combined the DVD’s have sold in 30 countries around the world.

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Bicyling Magazine Australia
““I loved THE HARDROAD. It was mesmerizing. Once I started, I just wanted to keep watching until the end. It is to road cycling what “BIG WEDNESDAY” was to surfing and “ON ANY SUNDAY” was to motocross.”
Velo News
“Like a Hollywood movie premier, “PRO” debuted in Las Vegas with some of its stars in the house. Before the film, director Jamie Paolinetti thanked the athletes who let him into their lives. Two hours later, viewers in the packed room understood why.”

THE HARD ROAD Critical Acclaim

DVD Talk – The film is extremely well paced and intelligently put together with an excellent voice over narration from KEITH DAVID. “The Hard Road” is a very well done and engaging film. It is HIGHLY recommended.

VELO NEWS MAGAZINE “Paolinetti intermixes exciting race coverage, (particularly from the U.S. Pro Championships) with a grind of long arduous road trips in the team van to illustrate the reality of the pro cyclists life. Digging deeper, he documents the difficulties of his teammates as they attempt to fulfill their dream of being a pro cyclist. THE HARD ROAD hits the mark.”

BICYCLING AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE – MARTIN VERDIS “I loved this movie. It was mesmerizing. Once I started, I just wanted to keep watching until the end. It is to road cycling what “BIG WEDNESDAY” was to surfing and “ON ANY SUNDAY” was to motocross.

BICYCLING MAGAZINE & BICYCLE GUIDE – FORMER EDITOR -GARRETT LAI “THE HARD ROAD is a gritty inside story of a Pro team in America. For up and coming racers, it’s a preview of what may be ahead, For the rest of us, it’s a grim reality check, a reason to be thankful we ride for fun and not for a living. THIS IS THE REAL STORY OF AMERICAN BICYCLE RACING!”

BICYCLING MAGAZINE – STEVE MADDEN – EDITOR “Cool! Equal parts Bull Durham, A Sunday in Hell and The Real World.”

TRIATHLETE MAGAZINE – JAY PRASUHN – SENIOR EDITOR “Jamie Paolinetti bridges the gap between Triathlon and cycling into a realm we can all appreciate; the struggle for success in sport. The film transcends sport as the cyclists simply strive to survive within a fringe sport while pursuing a dream. You may never have taken part in a road race in your life, but you just might find a bit of yourself in the film.”

The RIDE MAGAZINE “The Net Zero racers are people who have an unlimited passion for the sport, and make amazing sacrifices to chase their dream. How many pro football players would work twelve hours a day, then come home and train another four. Anyone chasing the dream of being a pro cyclist should watch THE HARD ROAD.”

V.P. FOX SPORTS NET – JOHN SMELZER “THE HARD ROAD tells the brutal truth about what it takes to make it at the highest level of sport. The secret, SACRIFICE, THEN SACRIFCE SOME MORE!”

REALITY FILM.COM “Narrator, Keith David’s rich, deep voice lends Paolinetti’s script plenty of power. Any movie watcher can be gripped by the story of this pro cycling team’s whirlwind season. The film proves Paolinetti to be a credible expert, as well as a credible filmmaker who can entertain viewers with a good story.”

PEZ CYCLING.COM “Though it’s listed as a documentary, it’s really a live-action/sports film with personal drama that is about real people. A dream version of what every cyclist would want in a reality TV show. There is cool footage of race action that shows the significance of team strategy and how great it is when things work out.”

THE DAILY “Follow the racers behind the scenes of the biggest races in the U.S. for an inside look at the team’s camaraderie and triumphs, as well as their disappointments and hardships. Financial reward, a certain future, and social normalcy are just some of the things that must be sacrificed in exchange for a soul-deep engagement with something essential in themselves. If you love bike racing, you’ll love THE HARD ROAD, but the best thing about it is there is much more in this film than just bike racing.”

L. A. SPORTS AND FITNESS MAGAZINE “When it comes to cycling, Jamie Paolinetti knows his stuff, and it shows in this feature film. Go behind the scenes of the biggest races and get to know the riders up close and personal.”

COMPETITOR MAGAZINE “THE HARD ROAD takes you inside the world of pro cycling like no film ever has. Get an inside look at all the big pro teams, including some great footage of FRANKIE ANDREU and the U.S. Postal Team.”

“PRO” Critical Acclaim

VELO NEWS The second film by Paolinetti, “PRO” succeeds in its mission to show a side of the USPRO race that hasn’t been seen before, but its real achievement is its honest, gritty portrayal of professional road racers.

“PRO” is a great leap forward from Paolinetti’s first film. It points the camera at many of the sports most recognizable names, and the interviews go beyond canned finish line quotes, capturing some real gems.

ROAD CYCLING.COM “This is not a film about a race. It is about the personalities and teams that make the race and that make the sport of cycling what it is. It highlights the human struggle that is professional cycling.

I defy anybody who watches to sit in their chair whilst watching the riders wrestle their bikes up the Manayunk wall. Your legs will be twitching, heart thumping and legs stomping every bit as much as if you were right there in the peloton.

BIKE.COM “A refined, grown-up big brother to the raw, overwhelming Hard Road.” “Paolinetti does a great job pacing the movie, building the drama. We feel the same tension that the racers must have felt.

In all, Jamie Paolinetti is giving the cycling world a gift with the release of “PRO” and should be rewarded. Buy this movie – I recommend it for anyone involved in cycling in any way at all.

NOBODY is capturing the soul of bike racing the way Paolinetti is right now. His movies are a must have for ANY serious cyclist.”

DVD TALK If you’re at all interested in the world of professional bike racing, “PRO” is sure to be of interest. It’s quite accessible to viewers who are relative newcomers to following cycle racing. At the same time, “PRO” has a lot to offer hard-core racing fans. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

DAILY PELOTON.COM “PRO” is a huge step above The Hard Road, which is excellent in its own right. There are things you simply cannot see as a roadside fan, but you will see them here, and you will come away with an understanding of just how amazing it is that anybody wins.

“PRO” will enlighten and captivate you, whether you are an avid American race circuit fan, or don’t even know most of the racers’ names. The mix of race action and rider interviews in this film could not be more comprehensive – it is almost to the point of uncanniness. – “Jamie was spot on”.

I rate it a MUST SEE, and like The Hard Road, a MUST HAVE for your movie collection.”

PEZCYCLING.COM “PRO” will give the average cycling fan a fascinating look inside the minds of several of their favorite racers. Some of the footage will really get the fan inside the sport. For an outsider, it will give them a great understanding of the teamwork and tactics that are involved in winning a bike race.

Overall, the film is a huge improvement over The Hard Road. The cinematography and picture quality is on a completely different level, the sound is clear and crisp and the original score is exciting and catchy. It is a world class documentary that will interest both the dedicated fan and the uninitiated alike.”

ACTIVE.COM It’s a detailed and engaging film, a MUST SEE for any cycling fan. The film succeeds in allowing cycling fans to mingle with the sport’s top athletes and vicariously pick their brains, while at the same time putting you in the best seat in the house to see some hard-fought racing action.”

TRUESPORT.COM “WOW! Finally a film from the racer’s perspective. This film was not made by some TV Producer guy who got stuck doing a cycling movie instead of figure skating.

Beware, you’ll be watching this over and over before you can get all the film has to offer. Two thumbs up! Four of four stars, or whatever rating system you want to use!”